3D World - Magazine Review.
Posted - 11th December

A huge two page spread in 3D World magazine now travels the planet. If you have some quids then buy it because it's a fine magzine in my unbiased opinion. There's loads of great info about the industry from all angles as well as tips for your own work and some lovely free stuff on a CD. In this months issue (January 2007) there's also a nice write up about the new Studio Ghibli film 'Tales from the Earthsea', this time directed by Hiyao Miyazaki's son, Goro.

The lovely folk at 3D World have made the video available for download from their speedy servers at:


Thanks go to Steve Ogden for getting in touch... and presumably writing the review, which is ace.


Avalon Film Festival - Finding a virtual seat.
Posted - 9th December

Having eagerly waited through October and Novemeber, when the festival was supposed to begin, I finally received an email in December on the day the festival opens with the guide of forthcoming attractions.

After installing the software and filling up on a whole host of buffet delights we enter the world of Secondlife and typically call someone a dickhead. After this we think about how many Linden Dollars have been spent that day, how all the other people are actually real people and then where the festival might be. The festival website still has last years information on it, which leads you to believe that no-one else in the world knows about it, and when we finally find the place after two hundred years we realise that they don't.

The Avalon island is very swish with lots of posters and interactive guides about the place. We follow a path to the box office and after getting into our free avalon t-shirt we are transported onto the zeppelin where all the films are showing (fancy). The cinema does look amazing and the films are streaming at an amazing quality completely embedded within the virtual space. There are hundreds of seats just like a real cinema and no-one sat in any of them. I don't know if we turned up at a quiet time but if only they had put as much effort into publicising the event as they obviously have making it happen.

Nevertheless we have great fun sitting right in the corner and spinning the camera around and standing up and looking around. After the screening we even teleport to Amsterdam with big aspirations and a dirty nightclub with a few ideas.

Pictures coming soon.

Thanks go to Rob Marchant for organising the event.

City-Zen - Open floor screening.
Posted - 7th December

The first showing of The Fool... in its home town of Derby is in a small but unique setting.

"City-zen is a monthly not-for-profit event serving up art, information, entertainment, brain-food, soul-food with diversity and free-expression being the main dish of the day."

The inspiring event was held at The Bell on Saddlergate in Derby and is on the first Wednesday of every month. There was a massive mix of things going on including speakers from action groups spreading awareness about the Faslane Anti-Nuclear Blockade and live art performers BET4 MOTION getting lost in creative loops between sound and vision. The Fool... was shown during the open floor session where people are invited to get up and express their ideas and feelings about whatever they want to. The evening was nicely concluded by Buckshot Soup, a ye-ha whiskey trio playing songs from the bottom of a barrel somewhere in the 1800's... Awesome.

Thanks go to Jonesy for being captain positive and addressing a group of people using the collective noun 'man'.


Pictures from BET4 MOTION - Synisthesia.

Brussels Short Film Festival - Film Market Viewing.
Posted - 4th December

Festival du Court-Métrage de Bruxelles 2007
Bruxelles - Belgium

The Fool... will be viewable in the film market section of the festival. It could not be entered into the competition as the festival requires 35mm or 16mm transfers for screening which are unavailable due to cost.

Avenue Maurice, 1
1050 Brussels
Tél: +32 2 248 08 72
Fax: +32 2 242 67 61
E-mail. info@courtmetrage.be
Web : www.courtmetrage.be

Kendal Mountain Film Festival - A 306 expedition.
Posted - 22nd November

After battling with many demons on route to the festival we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere, no signal, no energy and no clue why. Our sat nav buddy dragged us through alien landscapes, accross rocky terrain and through streams... streams...( in a peugeot 306) to get to this fear infested plot of bat country... but where is the festival? After a pleasant chat to an intoxicated gentleman local leaving the pub at midnight, all became clear... We had arrived at the Festival Directors house, 50 miles from the festival, who just happens to live in the most absurd and terryfying place in Cumbria and possibly the world (if you're in a peugeot 306 and exaggerating).

We finally arrive at the festival at 1:15am and get some free tickets to the party which goes on until 2, somehow mannage to get completely drunk in half an hour and go on the search for food in the cold and pouring Cumbrian rain. We meet some people on our food mission trying to brake into their house and others also looking for food but no-one will offer a place to stay. After 30 minutes of getting drenched and hungrier we return to the car (the peugeot 306) and realise it's winter and we have no blankets and we're soaked. A restless night followed... we nearly died.

The festival itself was unbelievable, it was a lot bigger than we had realised and there were hundreds of people in a mix of 'North Face' and 'Berghaus' jackets, trousers and socks milling around constantly throughout the day. We didn't realise just how mountainy the festival would be either. The films were amazing, in quality and content. There was a great mix regarding mountain life from documentaries climbing K2 to comic shorts about ski lifts.

The question remains as to why the festival director put his home address on all the corresponding emails with 'Kendal Film Festival' under his name but the consequent nightmare and extreme conditions we managed to survive, somehow reflected the festival. The awesome power of nature can at a sigh take your life away but if you can respect her and not push her to far, she can be tamed and her overwhelming beauty can be exposed in all its glory (if you're in a peugoet 306 and exagerating).

On a serious note... Kendal Mountain Film Festival is truely amazing. It has two large cinema screens, a huge theatre with a cinema projection and an additional 'Malt Room' with multiple projections, which was great to see the films you might have missed in the cinema. There's a bar and an outdoor BBQ and the whole venue is nestled in the beautiful town of Kendal. Lovely.

Thanks go to Abigail Willis for being on the other end of the line when you find yourself in a dark place and for organising the festival to perfection.


Halloween Short Film Festival - Successful submission.
Posted - 17th November

Halloween (HSFF) is an annual short film festival that shows short films, alongside multi-media events in the lovely capital of England. The Fool... has been accepted to screen in the TRICK OF THE LIGHT programme at the Curzon Soho on Sunday 7th January, 12 midday.


Halloween Short Film Festival
c/o Curzon Soho
99 Shaftesbury Avenue
London W1D 5YD

Apple Profile - Animation Academy Profile on apple.com
Posted - 10th November

Apple have included 'The fool...' as part of the Animation Academy profile section. As a visiting artist and 3DS Max consultant for Animation Academy I have worked closely with them and Arts & Technology Partnership where it's all based in Loughborough for a few years.

Animation academy profile page.

V iew the film alongside 'Loetzinn' a short film by Aaron Bradbury and Chris Gooch.

Imagine Magazine - A review without words.
Posted - 1st November

As part of their graduate film pages 'The Fool...' gets full credit from animation magazine 'IMAGINE'.
Pics coming soon.

Festival Winner - Two awards from Cinematic.
Posted - 26th October

The Fool Looks At The Finger That Points To The Sky wins two awards at the Cinematic Film Festival in Birmingham.

Overall Festival Winner.
Audience award on the second night of the festival.

The festival was hosted by UCE Birminghams Technology Innovation Centre in the grand IMAX cinema. A wide variety of great films were screened and a huge audience turned up to take part in the evening. The combination of awesome films, free wine and a great atmosphere made it an excellent evening for all who attended.

Thanks go to Nina Parmer who organised the event.


Kendal Mountain - Successful submission.
Posted - 18th October

Every autumn, Kendal, on the edge of the English Lake District, hosts one of the most prestigious Mountain Festivals in the world. - an extravaganza of films, books, art and photography, debates, presentations, film making, entertainment, humour and drama from the mountain communities of the world. It is a great international gathering!


Full details of the films using the link below and their scheduling in the special evening programmes and the main weekend 17-19 November will be posted on the web by Oct 20.


Avalon - Screening Invitation.
Posted - 7 th October

The Fool Looks At The Finger That Points To The Sky has been invited to be part of the Avalon Online Film Festival. The Avalon Film Festival 2006 in aid of Cancer research UK will take place in October/November this year. Movies are streamed virtually within Second Life™ to a global schedule and community.

Avalon Film festival is presented by Rivers Run Red: http://www.spacethinkdream.com

Second Life™ is a virtual world phenomenon - a 3D online space totally created by its user base. With a rapidly growing population of almost a million, this could be the shape of our future internet environment. Find out more about Second Life™ here: http://secondlife.com

Cinem@tic - Successful submission.
Posted - 5th October

The Fool Looks At The Finger That Points To The Sky has been accepted into the Cinem@tic Film Festival in Birmingham which takes place in the IMAX on the 24th and 25th of October. Admission is free and there'll be plenty of great films to watch.

cinem@tic is part of ‘Creative Week’ hosted by UCE Birmingham’s Technology Innovation Centre (tic). An exciting week of free, public performance-based events dedicated to showcasing leading Midlands’ creative talent covering the areas of Music, Film, Animation, Visual Expression and Live Performance.


Technology Innovation Centre
Millennium Point
Curzon Street
B4 7XG

Cardiff Film Festival - Successful submission.
Posted - 14th September

The Fool Looks At The Finger That Points To The Sky has been accepted into the Cardiff Film Festival and will be screened sometime between the dates of the 8-18 November. Further details will follow.


Cardiff Film Festival
1-2 Mount Stuart Square
Cardiff Bay
Wales, UK
CF10 5EE

BBC Film Network - Online Now.
Posted - 13th September

The Little Explorer

Watch the new animation by Aaron Bradbury The Fool Looks At The Finger That Points To The Sky online now at the BBC Film Network. Set to the music of The Little Explorer, the life of a simple wooden puppet is changed when he is drawn into a fast moving world played out on a mysterious stage.


Please leave your comments about the film and we hope you enjoy it.

You can also browse through a selection of stills from the film, download it for your ipod and check out the production process from concept through storyboarding and modelling, all the way to the final edit notes. Please visit: www.borgasm.co.uk/thelittleexplorer

If you have any comments or questions that you would like to ask directly to the film-makers please contact: explorer@borgasm.co.uk

Thank you!

Film Network


BBC Film Network - Successful submission.
Posted - 25th August

The Fool Looks At The Finger That Points To The Sky has been accepted by the BBC Film Network and should be live within a couple of weeks.

Submissions - Festival submissions begin.
Posted - 18th August

Submissions have begun. Individual printing and packaging and sealing and sending. The Film festivals await their deliveries.


Finally Complete - The Final Edit.
Posted - 12 th August

A couple of small changes and the final video is now complete. It is now ready to start sending to festivals and dishing out to any folk who would like to see it. It's going to be a bit of a task to sift through the thousands of fil festivals to find the right ones but the remaining summer days are long indeed. A new printer is on the cards, maybe a DVD surface printer... and lots of envelopes and DVD cases and printed sleeves and postage stamps and DVD-R's... yes the days shall indeed be long and the coffee shall be plentiful.

First Viewing - The Little Explorer viewing.
Posted - 7th August

We recorded 'The Fool Looks At The Finger That Points To The Sky' a long time ago. We released it ourselves on a label we set up with the help of Tom at Reveal Records (who has since set up his own label and signed us!). The single was to be limited to 1000 completely handmade packages that included the two tracks on 7" vinyl and a cd (as much for portability as for catering for those without turntables). As it turned out it was far too big an undertaking to complete and release in any normal way. But still, things happen for a reason.

Aaron has just finished making a film to the song and it blows me away. It captures perfectly everything we talked about when the idea for the whole thing came up and I feel proud that we are all involved in each others ideas in some way, and that we keep making things that not just us lot enjoy.

Richard J. Birkin
The Little Explorer